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Shiseido Facial Skincare

Everytime I step out of the shower, my face usually dries up in a way that it's noticeably peeling.. but very lightly.. which means it's not hydrated enough. So I guess this review serves those who are interested in healing out dry skin, or trying to hydrate their facial skin.. which is pretty important for those who spend their time out mostly in the daytime(sun)..

My mother introduced me to the Shiseido skincare once, and I've been a faithful user eversince. I would like to try out other products, but this has treated me so well that it doesn't persuade me want to try out other things.. unless, it's a little cheaper than what my mother would spend it on.. but also, my face cannot always afford to be experimented with other products due to certain reactions I would get.. So here are my reviews on two products of their line.

Their website: Shiseido the Skincare line

The Products
The Skincare Hydro-Balancing Softener Alcohol-free

150 ml /5 fl. oz. $ 32.00

A gentle, alcohol-free lotion instantly softens and hydrates the skin creating a long lasting supple and dewy texture.

-Excellent for all skin types.
-Maintains an optimal pH balance for more stress resistant skin.
-Encourages the skin's protective barrier function to offset dryness.
-To Use: After cleansing morning and evening, saturate a cotton pad and wipe gently over face.

Good: It does make my face feel supple, kinda like the cold plumpy feeling after you come from the rain.. Softens and hydrates the skin. On the dryness issue, it lasts for the whole day when I am out and about. So this is very good and it's not one of those facial moisturizers where it leaves that greasy/oily look on your forehead/nose/wherever the light hits the most either..

Down: Cost; Despite that it says alcohol free, if you have dry and sensitive skin like me, it would sting a little. You may also find that it'll run out pretty fast since it is in liquid form, but other than that, it delivers.

The Skincare Day Essential Moisturizer SPF 10
75 ml./2.5 fl. oz. $ 36.00

This superb daytime moisturizer quickly hydrates and retains moisture to protect skin's natural barrier functions to keep skin feeling at its best all day.

-Skin feels soft as it helps retain essential moisture.
-Protects from UV rays, free radicals and dryness that contribute to stress.
-Available in 3 textures: Light, Regular, Enriched.
-To Use: Smooth over face after cleansing.

Good: It's like slathering on moistness back into your face again! :D Lasts all day long. One pump is enough although it said somewhere in the package you should pump twice. One pump is sufficient, too much would be a little wasteful. Has SPF 10. Oh, I found it pretty great if you use it as a nighttime moisturizer too (they have one for nighttime but I think this works fine), just a tiny bit before you go to sleep. Wake up in the morning with a soft face.

Down: Cost; It retains a slightly greasy look (no greasy feel) for a while, but goes away afterwards..

These two products helped a lot, and sure does deliver much more than what I'm reading about them. Also, if you happen to purchase these products at a Macy's, they would offer a bagful of samples anyway, so it is good that you get treated with travel-size ones to go along with your purchase.
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