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Review: MAC lure lipglass & pink eyeshadow

Hi! I'm a newbie to this community- my friend evilbob23 pointed it out to me, and I thought this was right up my alley. I'm a makeup junkie and I love trying out new products. I am also investigating moisturizers occasionally, although I've been facial cleansers/clay masks/moisturizers made by Origins for about a year and a half now. I haven't had much inclination to try anything new in that area.

Anyway, today I will talk about the new purchases I made at my local MAC counter. Recently, I was attracted to their Lure collection- the pretty pink colors and lovely packaging sold me! I tried out the new blushcremes and found both of the colors to be very nice, although they didn't add much color, mostly shine/highlighting (For highlighting I use Benefit's High Beam/Moon Beam).

The new lipglasses are very nice! The consistency isn't bad; a little goes a long way. I picked up their lipglass in 'Bait'- a soft pink shade that goes on light but stays on for a good 2-3 hours.

I also purchased a new eyeshadow, although it's not a new color- Pink Venus! It's a lustre shadow and has some shine/sparkle to it, but it's subtle. One thing I love about MAC shadows is that layering affects the depth of the color. For most of my shadows, I use a MAC paint as a base (shade- "Untitled") and put the shadow over it. Anyway, tangent aside, Pink Venus is a very nice color.

The lipglass is $14.00 and the eye shadow was $13.50!
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