Julia (mahkara) wrote in cosmeticcouture,

Another Four Fragrences

As I slowly work my way through Sephora's fragrence kit....from worst to best:

Kenzo (Flower): This claims to have a lot of smells in it. All I smell is baby powder. Bad baby powder. With a chemically finish. Why not just wear baby powder, which is cheaper and doesn't smell like chemicals on top of it? I am mystified that people would buy this...

Michael Kors (Very Hollywood): Again, ick. It starts with a chemically musk smell, then ends overly sweet. There are worse smells out there, true (see Kenzo, Pink Sugar, Harajuku Lovers, and Emilio Pucci), but it's just not appealing.

Stella McCartney (Stella Nude): This is probably the first one that I'm listing that I liked! It starts off with a warm amber scent that then moves to a darker dusky rose. It's quite appealing in an intimate, sexy, way. I'd think that it would be something that I'd like...generally I like the warmer scents. But something about it isn't quite right on me, and I'm not sure what it is (maybe a bit too much sandlewood in the finish, that makes it a bit more New Age shop than I'd like? Not sure.) But I'm sure that it's the perfect scent for someone else. Just not me.

Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue: This one is sweet, floral, and citrusy, without the slightest hint of musk or chemicals. Usually I hate citrusy - it smells like you've been doused in orange juice. But in this case, it makes me smell like I'm wearing an orange blossom tucked behind my ear, perhaps with a spritz of jasmine. It smells completely natural, fresh, and beautiful. I'm not sure that it's for me. I think that it's a bit lighter than I usually like. But I will not be entirely sad if I end up with this one. And I can see it being absolutely perfect for someone who would like a citrusy scent that isn't icky.
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