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L'Occitane Solid Perfume

Talk about cosmetics??.

Anyway, yesterday, I purchased a little 0.3 oz of L'Occitane solid perfume.
I got the "Eau du Val", which is magnolia scented.
It is a very feminine floral, very subtle, but strong enough for people around you to comment about it, it lasts all day and it's 8 dollars a tin.
Now, it seems like a lot for 0.3 oz. but that is a lot of perfume, since you only need to dab a teeny bit on your skin.
They have a variety of scents to try out and the tins are very pretty, not to mention practical, since you can drop them in your purse without fear of extra bulk, leaks, breaking the container or accidentally spritzing your boss in the eye while applying some perfume!.
Not too shabby.
You can find L'Occitane store locations at or, directly shop for products there and at
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Awesome--I've always wanted to try an upscale perfume but never knew where to even start. That one sounds really nice, and I like the fact that it's not liquid. ^_^
Oooh! I am a perfume h0r, so you have to be careful what you recommend to me. I could use some solid perfume...hmmm...
Ooo, a L'Occitane just opened near here! Perfumes are pretty much the only thing that defines me as "feminine," so I'll have to go check this out. :D