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Cosmetic Couture

Beauty Reviews and Tips

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This is a place where both men and women can read about and post reviews of beauty/skin-care/grooming products. Put your love of products to good use and tell us all how you liked (or didn't like) them!

A few ground rules before you start:

1. Please be polite and courteous. Remember, this community is based solely on opinion. What works for you may not work for someone else, and vice versa.

2. Only review products which you personally have tried. Hearsay is bad, mmmkay? ^_~

3. Keep your posts on-topic. You are free to ask questions or make comments, but please confine them to the scope of this community.

4. Review products any way you like--there's no set format. However, keep in mind that people may want to know things like price, location purchased, size of product, type of packaging, that sort of thing.

5. Don't advertise your community here. Likewise, don't advertise this community in places where it's not wanted.

6. This community is co-moderated by celtic4 and amariana. Talk to either of them if you have a problem or question.

7. LJ-cut long posts, please~

8. Most importantly...HAVE FUN!